Javabowl v8.0b beta (zip)

The game is in an incomplete but playable state currently. All 3rd/LRB edition teams are supported and have example html teams. You can play full stand alone or networked games.

Javabowl v8.5 patch  (zip)

Latest Greatest...

Allstar GFX Patch (zip)

Updated for the 7.9a JBB patch (and later). Files that let you properly see the Allstar team icons and pictures in JBB, as well as fixing the problems seeing the Nurgle icons and pictures.  Contains three files, icons.ini, portraits.ini, and positions.ini.  Unzip and put them in your JBB directory, overwriting the files there. This will not in anyway affect games played with normal teams. Although technically unnecessary, it will still be useful for the position icons and for replays.

Living Rule Book v2.0 (pdf)

The Living Rule Book v2.0, 3rd Edition Rules... Use this rules version for DragonBBL Season I & II.

Living Rule Book v3.0 (pdf)

The Living Rule Book v3.0, 3rd Edition Rules... Use this rules version for DragonBBL Season III.

2003 Rules Review (pdf)

The 2003 Rules Review Document.  Note: none of these changes except the FAQ Clarifications are implemented for Season II.

2003 Rules Review Update Sheet (pdf)

New Necromantic, Khemri, Elf, and Nurgle rosters, and new Dwarf Runesmith and Halfling Chef rules.

2004 Rules Review (pdf)

New Ogre and Vampire rosters, changes to Kickoff and handicap rules, rules errata. Note: these rules are all in effect for Season IV.

Reference Sheet (pdf)

Various tables for use with the game.

Star Player Sheet (pdf)

Star Player cards for all Star Players. Note: only the Star Players listed in the LRB v2.0 are available for freebooting in Season II.

JBB Replay Utility (zip)

JBBReplay is a freeware utility that allows you to replay games played using Javabowl by analyzing the log file it generates.

Team Editor (zip)

Team editor that generates HTML team rosters that can be used by Javabowl.